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Over the past two weeks, Team Super Cool Scholars has been working on synthesizing data from the primary and secondary research that we have been conducting to generate deep insights that can guide us moving forward. Alongside continuing research and research synthesis, we have also been working on idea generation to develop a conceptual prototype that we plan to test and validate with our end users.

Contextual Inquiry With Reviewers

We recently started conducting contextual inquiries with reviewers to understand their thought process when reviewing applications, as well as how they use the ApplyGrad system. In addition, we are looking to identify pain points…

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This week is the mid-way point for the ApplyGrad project. Over the course of the past sprint, our team has worked to tie up research on the current and past system of ApplyGrad. We have moved beyond looking at where each department converges and diverges to mapping the journey of administrators (with some also being reviewers). We have collected a lot of quantitative and qualitative data on what reviewers and departments look for in candidates.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be jumping into the vast possibilities of what a graduate application system could look like…

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The hum of Super Cool Scholars working…

Research has always been fun as it uncovers insights we were not previously aware of. For the past 2 weeks, Team Super Cool Scholars have been taking a deep dive into the world of graduate admissions review and learning about the practices, behaviors, and habits of people on the admissions board.

We scheduled and conducted interviews with over 10 administrators and directors for master’s programs across the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. Our primary research goal was to identify the main pain points that administrators face while using the ApplyGrad…

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As the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence continue to grow, so does the popularity of Computer Science graduate programs. Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science is no exception. But with this popularity comes an increasing number of applicants; in the 2019–2020 application cycle, over 10,000 applications were submitted to SCS alone. While this is an exciting opportunity for the department, how can the graduate application process be improved to help address the growing workload for admissions reviewers as well as envision the next generation of graduate applications systems?

Team Super Cool Scholars is excited to team up with…

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